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    Enjoy 24/7 Tutor Support for all deGRANDSON's Courses
    Enjoy 24/7 Tutor Support for all deGRANDSON's Courses

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    Free Learner Support from Experts

    We want our Learners to succeed.  We want you to be the best ISO management system auditor you can be.  Consequently, we are now providing 24/7 Learner Support to all our Learners.

    That's right; without charge, All our Learners now have access to our team of expert ISO Management System Auditors.  This applies to all of our online Courses across a wide range of Standards for the duration of the Course.

    Our Learners never get 'stuck' in a Lesson and are never left mystified by a concept or topic.  Expert help is at hand all day, every day.

    We attempt to answer every question within the hour and have set ourselves the target of providing an authoritative answer within 24 hours to even the most challenging of questions.

    This kind of Technical Support is not available with conventional ISO Auditor Training – only e-learning with deGRANDSON Global -  provider of ISO 21001 Certified Training.

    Use the Support Ticket System to access Tutor Support.

    Learners can log in to our Support Ticket System (you only have to log in once) to submit their questions to a Tutor.  Typically, you'll receive a considered response within 2 hours.  It may take a little longer if you ask us a really difficult one.  But we will find a suitable expert and get you an answer. 

    Access Support Tickets from the Menu Bar at the top of the screen for our website (www.degrandson.com) and the LMS (www.degrandsonLMS.com).

    Available ISO Courses Image Map.  Just click on any management system standard that you are interested in, and you will be taken to their overview page, where you can learn more about each online Course.

    We have a ChatBot, too.

    In addition to our 24/7 service by email, we also have a messaging service on our website, which our customers use mainly for questions about course content, pricing, and discounts.

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    deGRANDSON Global is an ISO Certified Educational Organization

    In October 2021, ISO Compound Logo v2-1we secured certification to three education-related ISO Standards.  We now have a university-grade management system in place conforming to the requirements of  …

    • ISO 21001, Educational Organizational Management System,
    • ISO 29993, Learning Services outside formal Education,  and
    • ISO 29994, Learning Services – additional requirements for Distance Learning.

    We have chosen ISO 21001 certification because, unlike IRCA and Exemplar badges (which, in our opinion, are commercially compromised), it is based on independent third-party assessment.  It is a 'university grade' standard used globally by schools, colleges, and universities to demonstrate their competence.

    We offer Certified Courses for ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, ISO 17025, ISO 27001, ISO 45001, Data Protection and Risk Management.


    Written by Dr John FitzGerald

    Director & Founder of deGRANDSON Global. Spent 15 years in the manufacturing industry and 25 years training, consulting & auditing management systems
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