News & Commentary on ISO Management System Standards

    News and Commentary on ISO Management System Standards

    Dr John FitzGerald

    Director & Founder of deGRANDSON Global. Spent 15 years in the manufacturing industry and 25 years training, consulting & auditing management systems
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    18 Jun 2024

    ISO 13485 - What Suppliers to the Medical Device Sector Need to Know

    Many organizations with the potential to supply components, packaging, and other goods and services (incl. logistics) to the Medical Device Sector are scared off by talk of CE Marking, Notified Bodies, regulatory inspections, unannounced/surprise audits, and the like. It's all nonsense (well, almost all). You don't believe me? Then read on. There could be a lot of high-margin business that you're ...
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    13 Jun 2024

    ISO 9001 Analysis and Evaluation - DOs and DON'Ts

    Practical advice on implementing ISO 9001:2015 Clause 9.1.3 This article will consider a sub-clause in ISO 9001 Part 9, Performance Evaluation, of the Quality Standard, namely, 9.1.3, Analysis & Evaluation. NOTE: While the exact wording may differ from Standard to Standard, the advice given here also applies to ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 45001, and other standards that have the same HLS ...
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    11 Jun 2024

    Enjoy 24/7 Tutor Support for all deGRANDSON's Courses

    Free Learner Support from Experts We want our Learners to succeed. We want you to be the best ISO management system auditor you can be. Consequently, we are now providing 24/7 Learner Support to all our Learners. That's right; without charge, All our Learners now have access to our team of expert ISO Management System Auditors. This applies to all of our online Courses across a wide range of ...
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    06 Jun 2024

    Why ISO 21001 and not ISO 17024 or IRCA or EXEMPLAR Approval?

    deGRANDSON Global holds ISO 21001 Certification because it's the only one that matters as, without independent auditing to confirm compliance, it's only a badge. We started by asking what would be the best choice for Lead Auditors, Consultants, and others wishing to audit, implement, or maintain ISO Management Systems to a high standard.
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    04 Jun 2024

    ISO 31010 Risk Management Courses

    Be an internationally certified Risk Management Professional We have three Risk Management Courses. These are... Course 725: ISO-IEC 31010, Risk Management - Foundation Course 726: ISO-IEC 31010, Risk Management - Advanced Course 725: ISO-IEC 31010, Risk Management - Expert (launched June 2024). For background on the ISO Risk Assessment Standards and details of the Courses, read on...
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    14 May 2024

    ISO Transition, Conversion, Refresher & Extension Course Choices

    The way to stretch your budget and still get your ISO Auditors certified! Selecting the appropriate ISO Auditor Training Course can be difficult and confusing with apparently random choices in course titles. But which is right for you and your colleagues? People who have been browsing around for ISO auditor courses are probably already familiar with Internal Auditor and Lead Auditor courses. ...
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    08 May 2024

    Open Letter to ISO/TC 176 regarding the ISO 9001 Revision

    Ladies & Gentlemen of ISO/TC 176, With renewed dismay, I read of the contents of ISO/CD 9001:2024 (albeit a leaked copy from a usually reliable source). It seems we have another revision that will do nothing to restore the esteem in which the ISO 9001 Standard was once held and nothing to provide tangible benefits to certified organizations and their customers. So, I challenge you to make ...
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    25 Apr 2024

    Measuring Information Security Effectiveness with ISO 27004

    ISO 27001 provides no guidance and is of little help In deciding what to monitor and measure regarding your Information Security Management System (ISMS), ISO 27001 specifies no mandatory requirements (as emphasized in our ISO 27001 training courses). Thankfully, ISO 27004 provides guidelines and principles for measuring and reporting the effectiveness of an organization's ISMS. The standard ...
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    04 Apr 2024

    Environmental Aspects - meeting ISO 14001 requirements

    Systematically identifying relevant ISO 14001 environmental aspects in implementing an EMS. This is fundamental to the effectiveness of an Environmental Management System (EMS) and to ensuring that your organization meets ISO 14001 certification requirements.
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    19 Mar 2024

    ISO 14971: Choosing the right Risk Management Tools

    Using FMEA alone is a lazy choice and no longer acceptable ISO 14971, Medical Devices - Application of risk management to medical devices is frequently misapplied, and if your ISO 13485 QMS Manual claims to use ISO 14971, you'd better use it properly.
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