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Supporting our Learners

All our Learners have ongoing access to our Learner Handbook.  While our Learning Management System (LMS) has been designed to be as intuitive as possible, some Learners - especially those who are new to e-learning and ISO auditor training online – need some help occasionally.  The Learner Handbook provides the step-by-step instructions required. 

Given below are the Contents of the Handbook. If you’d like to examine those contents for yourself, select the image on the right.

Introduction to the deGRANDSON Learning Management System

Accessing deGRANDSON Global LMS    deGRANDSON Global Learner's Manual

  • The Home Screen
  • Creating Your Account 
  • Logging In
  • Resetting a Lost Password
  • Logging Out
  • The deGRANDSON Global Interface Overview

Course Catalog 

  • The Course Catalog
  • Course Details Screen
  • Searching the Catalog
  • Enrolling in a Course
  • Your Shopping Cart
  • Using a Coupon Code

My Account      

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  • My Certificates Learner Handbook
  • Order History
  • Menu
  • Account Information
    • Changing Your Password
    • Learning Activities
  • Launching Content
  • Closing and Exiting Content


ISO Internal Auditor options

Don't forget the Support Ticket System

Our Support Ticket System is another great source of information available to your free-of-charge.  Use this link to start your quest.  You'll find that you are first taken to our Knowledge Base where you'll find quick access to dozens of questions asked by previous Learners.  If the answer isn't these, raise a Ticket and, without delay, we'll get you an answer from an expert.

24/7 Tutor Support

You can also use the Support Ticket System to get Tutor Support.  Any questions you have relating to your Course Content can be asked here.  We love getting this type of question for two main reasons, 1) the question relates to an aspect that we have not included in our Lesson or 2) it relates to where we have not clearly explained an issue or topic.   This latter is a win-win situation; our Learner gets the clarification they need and we get to improve our Course Content.

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deGRANDSON Global is an ISO Certified Educational Organization

InISO 21001 ISO 29993 ISO 29994 October 2021 we secured certification to three education-related ISO Standards.  We now have a university-grade management system in place conforming to the requirements of  …

  • ISO 21001, Educational Organizational Management System,
  • ISO 29993, Learning Services outside formal Education,  and
  • ISO 29994, Learning Services – additional requirements for Distance Learning.

We have chosen ISO 21001 certification because, unlike IRCA and Exemplar badges (which in our opinion are commercially compromised), it is based on independent third-party assessment.  It is a ‘university grade’ standard in use globally by schools, colleges, and universities to demonstrate their competence.


Written by Dr John FitzGerald

Director & Founder of deGRANDSON Global. Spent 15 years in the manufacturing industry and 25 years training, consulting & auditing management systems
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